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Not Only in May: Bridge to Somewhere

Linda Renaud, Susan Gold Smith

25 September 2016 in Archive

MayWorks Windsor Alumna Linda Renaud's exhibit, Stories of Old Sandwich Towne. A Bridge to Somewhere, a socially oriented community art project, was on display in the Gallery of the School of Creative Arts on the South West corner of Huron Line and College from September 15–September 18th. The project explores the relationship of the Ambassador Bridge to different facets of community life in the area known as Olde Sandwich Towne. The stories come from eight people that Linda partnered with to chronicle their stories. The eight people are residents or community advocates and include representatives from the Walpole Island First Nations holding non ceded land in Sandwich Towne.

The exhibition includes a series of striking collaged portraits, prints mapping the content of Linda's process, and a video presentation. In addition to this particular project, set to provoke discussion of Sandwich neighborhood's evolving issues, Linda's own journey is visible in the mapping. Linda has been active in the neighborhood for a number of years, holding several community related exhibitions in Mackenzie Hall and the Common Ground Gallery. She worked in a studio in the bowels of Mackenzie Hall for many years and participated in the popular Save our Post Office Campaign, which held off the closing of the Sandwich Post Office for a time. She organized several art projects and exhibitions with the Senior Residence and worked to include Sandwich Towne in MayWorks Windsor programming and critical issues. Several of us looking at the work could see our own person histories as they relate to Sandwich Towne.

The community was present at the exhibition reception and there was a table set up for active discussion. A booklet was produced containing the results of Linda's project which can be made available through Linda at The booklet is an excellent format for projecting the Stories of Sandwich Towne "Somewhere".