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Windsor's Margaret Lawrence Solo Art Exhibit in Iqaluit

Margaret Lawrence, Susan Gold Smith

22 September 2016 in Archive

This Summer In the Nunavut capital of Iqaluit, in the Regional Art Museum of Nunatta Sunakkutaanigit, the drawings of former Windsor artist, Margaret Lawrence, were exhibited in a one person exhibition: "Seals: meat, skin, ice, land, dreams".

Margaret's art work has been in several exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Windsor, and her work is part of the Gallery’s permanent collection. Margaret was one of the founding members of Artcite, Windsor's only artist run centre for the contemporary arts, and a participant in MayWorks Windsor and Smog Fest. Margaret first went North in 1980 where she found a sense of place and all her abilities have found a home.

Margaret's art work utilizing Natsiik (Ringed Seals) has embodied the ideas in her art work for decades. She says in her exhibition statement: The Natsiik are important to people as meat and for the use of their qisik (hide or skin). In the winter hunters brought frozen seals to the School. Their bodies were laid on flattened cardboard to thaw. As the seals thawed, community members began cutting them, skinning and dividing the meat and organs. The students scraped fat from the skins, washed and stretched the hides to frames.

Seals in the Bay and under the ice, being transformed by the community, are the entry points for the artist's observations. The drawings bring the patterning of the land, the sea, the clouds, the rocks, and the seal skins into relationship and play. In these drawings Margaret pierces through the landscape into a visceral interior. The drawings of Margaret Lawrence present a personal vision poignantly in touch with place.