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Russia—The Enigma…

John Tomlinson

24 November 2016 in Media

Review of Once Upon a Time in Russia; The Rise of the Oligarchs—A True Story of Ambition, Wealth, Betrayal, and Murder

As the Russian Northern Fleet and part of the Baltic Fleet present a show of force, and their intent to control the future of Syria, the question remains about our knowledge, or lack of, regarding Russian history and a world view which we do not understand.

One of the best books about recent events in Russia is Once Upon A Time In Russia by Ben Mezrich, author of twelve books, including several on the New York Times bestseller list. Three have been adapted for motion pictures.

Mezrich provides us with the background to the rise of the oligarchs, and the rise of Vladimir Putin, from an obscure figure in the KGB. If there is a comparison with the rise of Hitler, it is clear that the oligarchs, as with the industrial leadership in Germany, did not see that the power of their chosen puppet might be used against them, or set out on a course not of their choosing.

As we know, assassination is a weapon that has been used against Putin's opposition.

The extremes of wealth of the Russian elite and the lifestyle which is only understood by those with billions to invest, and control governments, make Once Upon A Time In Russia a must for those who wish to grasp the internal conflicts which have taken place in Russia today. We neither study Russian history, literature, music, art, nor begin to appreciate the greatness of this world power.

Like it or not, Russia seems to be on the rise. It would be good if we paid attention.

Russia is not going away.

Photo by Dan Moyle, CC BY 2.0