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Charles Brooks labour nominee Prof Brian E Brown to be Celebrated

on 16 November 2016

United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County, in partnership with the Windsor & District Labour Council, will host the 39th Annual Labour Appreciation Night at the Caboto Club, honouring this year's recipient of the Charles E. Brooks Labour Community Service Award, Professor Brian E. Brown of the Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA).

People Teach, Not Machines

Mireille Coral, Jeff Noonan on 04 November 2016

The belief that schools at all levels need to embrace new learning technologies is widespread. The belief that they are not fully embracing these technologies is also widespread, even though hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent in Canada on technological development: wireless internet has been installed, classrooms have become "smartrooms," and faculty are endlessly pestered to take one or another workshop on how to more effectively use this or that digital technology and this or that "innovative" technique.

Iona College Building sold to University

on 26 July 2016

It is with some sadness but with great hope that Iona College announces it will be leaving its home of over 50 years at 208 Sunset Avenue, Windsor.

From Classroom to Radio to Sewing Collective: The Classroom as a Contradictory Space

Mireille Coral, Jeff Noonan on 09 June 2016

Our article this month is divided into two parts. The first is a concise reflection on the principle of critical pedagogy; the second is an extended discussion of an attempt to put this principle into practice.


on 01 June 2016

The rainbow or Pride flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978. The many colors represent the many kinds of people in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. This is a poem written by Margot Pepper's second grade language lab.

Education and Social Development

Mireille Coral, Jeff Noonan on 01 May 2016

In a 2013 discussion paper describing Ontario's "Differentiation Policy" for the post secondary education system, the authors note that a key goal of the policy is to foster social and economic development, serving the needs of the economy and labour market, and promoting a culture of entrepreneurship. This may include, but is not limited to, the impacts of institutions' commercialization, innovation, and applied research activity on social and economic development.

It's Time to Make a Better Kind of University

Bree Arbor on 01 September 2015

As a student at the University of Windsor, I think a lot about how we could make our university better. I've been fortunate enough to have a department with great professors, small, intimate classes, and opportunities to study topics rarely covered by other schools. But despite everything I like about our school, I can't ignore the number of students I know who have dropped out because they couldn't pay the rent, the number of students who were left without a degree a year before graduation because their program was cut, and the number of students who lost their scholarship when they had to choose part­time work over studying.