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Fake News: An Appraisal

Vito Signorile on 19 May 2017

It took a minute to see the graffiti on the clear window of the bus shelter. After months of seeing videos and photos online showing people encountering racism in person or scrawled somewhere, I gaped at the words in front of me, ironically on a screen of sorts.

Congratulations to the artists and organizers of Art, My Refuge: A painting exhibit featuring the works of artists who are new to Canada

Susan Gold Smith on 26 November 2016

Art, My Refuge is an exhibition of three artists making their debut into the Windsor Community, Nozah Omar, Maham Gull, and Adnan Al-Zuhairi. When Nozah Omar told Malgorzatta Holec, her instructor at W5 (Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women): "Teacher, I can’t live without my painting!", the idea of this project was born. Nozah's enthusiasm for art is contagious. Two additional artists came into the project. A grant proposal to Windsor's Arts Culture and Heritage Fund was successful, and an experienced local artist, Danuta Gnat Siniarska, was asked to mentor the group. An intense process of reviewing past work and creating focused new work began. The Common Ground exhibition space was booked. The work was installed, and the exhibition Art, My Refuge, became a reality. The opening reception on November 18th was notably well attended.

Russia—The Enigma…

John Tomlinson on 24 November 2016

As the Russian Northern Fleet and part of the Baltic Fleet present a show of force, and their intent to control the future of Syria, the question remains about our knowledge, or lack of, regarding Russian history and a world view which we do not understand.

Canadian Labour International Film Festival 2016

on 16 November 2016

The Canadian Labour International Film Festival tells the stories of workers—unionised and non-unionised. CLiFF is the stage and the voice of those who seek justice on the job and dignity in their workplace. CLiFF would also like to bring the subject of unpaid work into a public discussion

Morley: Thinking Outside the Box

John Tomlinson on 17 July 2016

One of the odd things about TV is the random nature of finding what is good to watch, especially between hockey games. Sometimes, there is something good.  Lately, one of the best was the 60 Minutes program on Morley Safer, the Canadian who changed much of the way reporting is done, or should be done on American television.  He might have been fired several times, doing his job.

Living with Trumbo Under the Blacklist

Margot Pepper on 02 May 2016

If any movie deserved an Oscar on February 28, it is "Trumbo" with Bryan Cranston as best actor. The film is about James Dalton Trumbo (December 9, 1905—September 10, 1976) the screenwriter who broke the Hollywood Blacklist. When I first saw the trailer directed by Jay Roach, I broke down in convulsive sobs I worried neighbors would hear. See, I lived with the Trumbo's for a year in the Hollywood Hills and the eight year-old inside me didn't expect him to reappear as though for a hug, his thick mustache yellowing like the pages of a cherished book, sporting a khaki mechanic jump suit with "Trumbo" embroidered on the pocket.